My Learning Space is here to help your organisation through COVID-19


Make it engaging.

Make it memorable.

We design content that elevates the learner experience.
Integrate your platform with content which captivates.

My Learning Space works with you to take your courses to another level!

We do this by incorporating textual and visual elements requiring the learner to actively engage and make decisions in meaningful contexts, which may include a narrative, story, scenario or simulation.

More than your traditional content creators, we push the boundaries of slick, cutting edge educational development. We create amazing animations, interactive objects and scenarios, and can even produce virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) learning for you.

Custom content design

Our instructional designers work with the client to design an online learning program that is interactive and learner-centred. Custom content design includes:


Initial story-boarding for review by your subject matter expert before build

Custom Modules

Learning module(s) designed to an appropriate level and duration


Compliance with level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Professionally branded and reusable template with your logo, colours and fonts

Web Resposnive

Web responsive content accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Content Integration

Content integration whereby assessment data is tracked and reported on via Moodle

Ready made content

Save time and money associated with custom content design. Access to a vast array of ready-to-use content which cover everything from compliance through to professional development and soft skills training, for teams of any size across any industry. All of these products can be rebranded and customised to suit your organisation and can be hosted on your systems or ours.

Ready made content includes:

Select content

Health & Safety, Ergonomics, Leadership etc.
Step 1


Content added as learning object to your Moodle
Step 2


Learners launch content via Moodle to undertake task
Step 3

Completion Tracking

Progress and completion tracking reports via Moodle
Step 4