The Decoded Company

What if you understood your people better than you understand your customer? At most workplaces, it’s still one-size-fits-all policies, processes, and tools. Yet companies like Google, Starbucks, and Whole Foods have turned their algorithms inward to decode their talent. Their goal is not to get the better of their talent, but to empower the best from their people.

The Decoded Company is a book by Leerom Segal, which distills how this process works into three transformative ideas.

  • Technology Can be a Coach, personalising processes to the individual based on experience and offering training interventions precisely at the teachable moment.
  • Data Can Be a Sixth Sense, codifying organisational battle scars using actual code that watches your blind spots and gives your people a decision making superpower.
  • The third is that Engineered Ecosystems will prevail over hierarchies, reducing bureaucracy, increasing transparency, and be wildly inspiring to teams.
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