Dashboards—The Data Sprint Line

Wikimedia Dashboard
Dashboards are the quickest way to give your learners a quick glance of their progress in completing tasks. The User Interface, or UI, can confuse or clarify where you stand in the race to the finish line. There are all kinds of dashboards that you can plug into your learning management system or customise as needed. (more…)
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The Future of Authoring Tools

The e-Learning Guild has updated a survey, "The Next Generation of Asynchronous Authoring Tools:  What Practitioners want in 2017"  that offers some surprising insights into how eLearning delivery systems are changing. The survey, began in 2013, reinforces the importance of tools that allow authors to embed multimedia in their courses. In the Guild survey, most of the respondents have had years...
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11 Ideas to Spark Design Creativity

What sparks your design creativity? It's an interesting question with answers that are as varied as the way you approach design problems. Recently, the E-Learning Guild polled dozens of leading eLearning designers to find out how they approach the creative conundrum. My Learning Space culled through the list of ideas and came up with a number of them we thought you'd be interested in, or may...
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User Generated Content Unlocking Your Potential

User Generated Content (UGC) is a tricky piece of business for L&D professionals.  The idea behind incorporating UGC in your training is that the dynamic nature of the modern workplace makes developing training a very fluid affair. Many big name companies are turning to UGC to help them keep up with those changes, particularly when training budgets and staff shrink.  It is  incumbent on cou...
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Success Metrics–Data Analytics (Part 2)

moon impact craters
What are success metrics? In our previous article we discussed the four types of learning analytics tools that can be used to produce a better eLearning product:  descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and  prescriptive.  But what do these tools actually measure?  How can they be whittled down to achieve success? We're going to turn to the professional association, eLearning Guild, for some exampl...
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Getting A Handle on Learning Analytics

We are awash in data which is being parsed, categorised, analysed, and filed away for future use, and this applies to learning analytics. Like most data, learning analytics have become more sophisticated and can tell you a great deal about how your users are responding to your eLearning. And like most analytics, there is a method for putting those numbers to good use. The way it works follo...
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