Corporate LMS Findings

The Elearning Guild and Adobe Systems are behind some interesting research into changing trends in corporate LMS use and design. A survey the organisations recently released paints a rosy picture for corporate LMS use, but also highlights a relatively high level of dissatisfaction with current corporate online learning systems. (more…)
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Making Your LMS Pay

Beware the promise. I was at brunch with a couple who were mad keen about fishing.  The man started telling a story about how he wanted to turn his passion into an online business and gave the example of a mate who was apparently racking up $60,000 a month in selling men’s undies online.  He wanted to do the same with fishing rods and reels. (more…)
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Apps and Your LMS

A fact of life is that everyone with a smartphone has their face glued to the screen waiting for the next message to arrive.   We are all becoming more adept at keeping one eye on what we’re doing and our ear tuned into the chime that signals another communication.  Pavlov’s dogs?  Whatever you think philosophically about the “slaves to technology” argument, witness the panic that sets in when peo...
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LMS: do you have the right one for your organisation?

A robust learning management system (LMS) should help learning professionals manage a wide range of learning functions: it will be a depository for course catalogues, schedules, certifications. It can also manage curricula, courses, tests, and surveys delivered via e-learning and online classroom environments. (more…)
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5 LMS Decision Making Myths Debunked

Investing in a learning management system (LMS) is not a decision your organisation should take lightly. While a LMS can yield an excellent return on investment, there are many trappings that need to be avoided if it is going to add significant value to your organisation. Here's five LMS decision making and procurement myths that we think deserve to be debunked. (more…)
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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in a LMS

Investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) can be a difficult and time-consuming process for any decision maker. For reasons of both time and money, making the right decision the first time around is highly desirable. To avoid mistakes, it is recommended that your organisation give the following 5 points careful consideration. (more…)
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