LMS Analytics

Success Metrics–Data Analytics (Part 2)

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What are success metrics? In our previous article we discussed the four types of learning analytics tools that can be used to produce a better eLearning product:  descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and  prescriptive.  But what do these tools actually measure?  How can they be whittled down to achieve success? We're going to turn to the professional association, eLearning Guild, for some exampl...
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Getting A Handle on Learning Analytics

We are awash in data which is being parsed, categorised, analysed, and filed away for future use, and this applies to learning analytics. Like most data, learning analytics have become more sophisticated and can tell you a great deal about how your users are responding to your eLearning. And like most analytics, there is a method for putting those numbers to good use. The way it works follo...
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