The Future of Authoring Tools

The e-Learning Guild has updated a survey, "The Next Generation of Asynchronous Authoring Tools:  What Practitioners want in 2017"  that offers some surprising insights into how eLearning delivery systems are changing. The survey, began in 2013, reinforces the importance of tools that allow authors to embed multimedia in their courses. In the Guild survey, most of the respondents have had years...
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HTML5 for elearning design

Previously we wrote about responsive design and the trends for designing for multiple devices; for this reason and because Flash isn’t supported across multiple devices, it’s important that the L&D professional understand and be competent with HTML5 language. Shifting towards HTML5 will mean L&D professionals will be able to deliver and access content faster, easier, and cheaper across all...
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6 steps to an effective learning strategy

Does your organisation have a learning strategy? If so, how effective is it? An effective learning strategy is long-term and results driven. When creating a learning strategy, an organisation needs to consider the culture, strategic leadership, challenges and trends as well as business goals. Here's our six steps to an effective learning strategy. (more…)
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E-Learning Trends for 2014

The E-Learning industry continues to grow and at the recent International Congress on elearning 2013 several key trends were identified. My Learning Space has covered the majority of these trends throughout the years, so we've put together what we think will continue to trend amid the elearning industry and what businesses should consider incorporating into their learning and development strategy....
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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is the latest buzz word in education and learning circles, but what exactly is it? Simply put, it is the blend or mix of mediums to deliver learning and training. These days it refers to the blending of face to face learning with online or distance training. (more…)
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LMS Report 2010

The eLearning Guild recently published a report titled 'Learning Management Systems', 2010 written by Patti Shank Ph.D. Between the period August 2008 and August 2010, there were 909 responses to the Learning Management Systems survey conducted by The eLearning Guild. The survey data was the basis of this report. Here's some of the key findings as documented in the report. (more…)
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