Blended Learning

What type of trainer are you?

Gone are the days where the trainer simply stands in front of the room and dictates knowledge. Technology has changed the way we learn and staff is demanding training to help them perform better. Learners are becoming demanding. So, how does the 21st century trainer respond to their demands? The truth is, to be an effective trainer in the corporate world you need to be flexible and adapt to multip...
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Instructor-led training vs online facilitation

L&D professionals throughout the duration of their career will deliver both instructor-led training and online facilitated courses. The two key skills in both these environments are communication and engagement. We look at the two different learning environments and the skills you need for both. (more…)
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Blended learning – are you doing it right?

Blended learning is not a new phenomenon in the e-learning industry, although it is quickly becoming the new buzzword among trainers and L&D professionals. Do a quick key word search on Google and you get varying interpretations, all referring to delivery mode for training that are either face-to-face or online, but what does that mean for trainers and instructional designers? (more…)
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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is the latest buzz word in education and learning circles, but what exactly is it? Simply put, it is the blend or mix of mediums to deliver learning and training. These days it refers to the blending of face to face learning with online or distance training. (more…)
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