Apps and Your LMS

A fact of life is that everyone with a smartphone has their face glued to the screen waiting for the next message to arrive.   We are all becoming more adept at keeping one eye on what we’re doing and our ear tuned into the chime that signals another communication.  Pavlov’s dogs?  Whatever you think philosophically about the “slaves to technology” argument, witness the panic that sets in when peo...
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Smiling Mind

Much like you exercise and eat well to look after your body, it's important to look after your mind to keep it fit and healthy, too. Let me introduce: Smiling Mind. This is modern meditation for young people - it gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment. (more…)
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Moodle Mobile App

Moodle Mobile (MM) is the new official mobile app for Moodle. It is developed and maintained by Moodle HQ, replacing the old 'My Moodle' app that we reviewed sometime ago. The new app is a HTML5-based client that connects to an installed Moodle server. It is also cross-platform compatible and optimised for smart phone and tablet devices. (more…)
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13 Free Business Apps for 2013

Our love affair with mobile technologies is highlighted by the fact there are more smartphones owned in Australia than it has people. There is no doubt we adore our iPhones, Androids and Windows phones. On the same token, we also have a healthy obsession with our tablet devices. Hardware aside, the unsung hero is the software or apps which make the user experience a better one - be it for business...
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